Summary Edit

Designed to be a Glass Cannon, Auronova excels in fitting that description with remarkable 101/120 offensive stats and an amazing 130 Speed stat. But no matter how sharp the glass is, it's still as frail as ever: With an abyssmal 64/45/75 defensive spread, this shooting star wishes it could take a hit by a pokemon with an Attack stat higher than Magikarp's. A 4x weakness to Stealth Rock and susceptibility to priority attacks certainly don't help this comet fair well against enemy attacks either. But regardless, its unique STABs are the best offensive-typed moves in the game and with its blistering speed, it makes for a incredible Revenge Killer.

Moveset Edit

Revenge Killer Edit

Life Orb Flash Fire 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature
Flamethrower/Fire Blast Ice Beam Energy Ball Earth Power

Flamethrower and Ice Beam are its STAB moves, capable of destroying nearly anything that isn't Water- or Fire-type. Fire Blast is also a great alternative, but its questionable accuracy may interfere with Auronova's revenge-killing role. Energy Ball remedies the problem with the aforementioned Water-type while Earth Power rounds up the movesets, hitting Fire-types such as M-Tygear and Pachytherm. Both moves also provide better coverage for the 4x-effective Rock-Type pokemon.

Auronova is given standard Specially-Attacking Sweeper stats (Max Special Attack and Speed) and a Timid Nature to emphasize its speed and power. Life Orb is used to further boost its powerful attacks while Flash Fire allows Auronova to safely switch into predicted Fire-type from M-Manticore, Pachytherm and M-Tygear.

Checks and Counters Edit

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