Summary Edit

As the final evolution of HCC's mascot, Cauldergeist is a great defensive powerhouse, with its typing reducing the list of weaknesses to just Ground-type attacks and can be further reduced to zero weaknesses should one run Levitate on it. While the flying cauldron may have a versatile movepool and stellar defensive stats, its low HP and lack of reliable recovery can cause it to curse itself.

Sets Edit

Specially Defensive Edit

Black Sludge Levitate 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Calm Nature
Black Magic Giga Drain Toxic Spikes Will-O-Wisp

Toxic Spikes puts a timer on the opponent's groundborne pokemon, slowly eating away at their HP via poison. Black Magic is a nifty 90BP STAB move to check Ghost-Type spinblockers such as (Big Harp) and Despicabulb with an additional 20% chance to inflict any status on the opponent, like confusion and paralysis. Giga Drain helps to replenish Cauldergeist's health while Will-O-Wisp is great for whittling away at Poison-type and non-grounded pokemon, as well as neutralizing physical threats.

A Calm nature and maximized Special Defense + HP EVs emphasizes Cauldergeist's already outstanding bulk. Levitate effectively leaves Cauldergeist without any weaknesses while Black Sludge provides passive healing for the damage that it does take.

Tanky CauldronEdit

Life Orb/Choice Specs Corrosive 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD Quiet Nature
Sludge Bomb Black Magic Moonblast Giga Drain

Sludge Bomb and Black Magic are the set's primary STABs and will often be the moves spammed the most, capable of hitting almost every pokemon for neutral damage thanks to Corrosive. Moonblast hits those that resist the "BlackBomb" combo, such as opposing Cauldergeist, and adds coverage for Dragon-types. Finally, Giga Drain provides healing and coverage for bulky Water-types and Ground-types. </p>

A Quiet nature is preferred to limit Gyro Ball damage and underspeed pokemon using Volt Switch/U-Turn to hit their replacements. Maximum EV investment in HP lets Cauldergeist absorb a variety of attacks while max investment in Special Attack lets it deal back just as much damage, if not more. Life Orb offers boosted damage at the cost of health, although Choice Specs can be used for greater power and no HP loss if you're fine with being limited to one move.

Checks and Counters Edit

Ground-Types : Seismogriff and Mega Bovidelf both outspeed and check non-Levitate versions with their STAB Earthquakes.

Poison-Types : Toxicroack and other Cauldergeist can check/counter defensive Cauldergeist by resisting its STABs and absorb its Toxic Spikes. Be careful of Black Magic RNG though!

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