Summary Edit

As a spiky physical tank and Grass starter, Saguarlin is very similar to its Kalosian cousin Chesnaught aesthetically. However, the biggest aspect that sets the two apart is that the former can mega evolve. Boasting increased Attack and Defense, M-Saguarlin outshines its French predecessor with Ferrothorn's formerly-exclusive Iron Barbs as its ability. However, Grass/Rock isn't the best of defensive typings with its weaknesses to Fighting-type and Ice-type moves, both of which are common offensive moves.With lower defenses and more weaknesses than Ferrothrorn, what could really makes this Pangolin shine? More options for healing and a solid 65 speed, of course. Now able to outspeed Azumarill, Tyranitar, Magnezone and more, M-Saguarlin is able to easily dispatch the nightmares of Ferrothorn and hopefully leave a thorn or two in the opponent's side.

Movesets Edit

Physical Tank Edit

Saguarlite Sand Rush -> Iron Barbs 200 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 52 Spe Impish Nature
Bloom Bash Stone Edge Earthquake Synthesis

Bloom Bash is a respectable 80-power Grass STAB, with a 30% chance of applying Leech Seed on the opponent for passive healing and potential switchouts. Earthquake + STAB Stone Edge create the EdgeQuake combo that hits everything except Bronzong and Baromatrix for neutral damage. Synthesis rounds up the moveset and sets M-Saguarlin apart from Ferrothorn, giving it reliable recovery when worn down from taking the opponent's attack throughout the battle

M-Saguarlin's speed is another decisive factor and thus 52 EVs are put into that stat to outspeed Choice Specs variants of Magnezone and all variants of Azumarill. 252 Attack EVs let M-Saguarlin actually KO these pokemon while the rest of the EVs are placed in HP and Def. An Impish nature boosts M-Saguarlin's defense to 359, seven points greater than the standard Ferrothorn set. The pre-Mega ability doesn't really matter, although Sand Rush is generally preferred in most situations.

Sand Sweeper Edit

Smooth Rock/Life Orb Sand Rush 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Adamant Nature
Sandstorm Bloom Bash Stone Edge Earthquake

Playing on Saguarlin's hidden ability Sand Rush, Sandstorm allows the pangolin to outspeed the entire unboosted metagame below Mega Alakazam. Bloom Bash and Stone Edge are Saguarlin's main STABs, with Bloom Bash having a 30% chance of applying Leech Seed while Stone Edge has great synergy with Earthquake.

Maximum attack and speed EVs are given to ensure that Saguarlin hits hard and fast. An Adamant Nature is preferred for better damage output, but using a Jolly Nature instead would allow it to outspeed even +2 M-Swampert in Sandstorm conditions. Smooth Rock is to prolong Sandstorm so that Saguarlin gets more turns to sweep, although Life Orb could be used for more power in shorter time.

Checks and Counters Edit

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